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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kuda belang cuci gigi badak air-Zebra snapped putting head in hippopotamus's mouth

GAMBAR yang disiarkan oleh akhbar Daily Mail semalam menunjukkan seekor kudang belang membersihkan gigi badak air di Zoo Zurich, Switzerland.

ZURICH, Switzerland - Seekor kuda belang mencuci gigi badak air di Zoo Zurich di sini, lapor sebuah akhbar semalam.
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Adegan mendebarkan itu dirakamkan baru-baru ini oleh seorang jurugambar amatur dari Amerika Syarikat (AS), Jill Sonsteby, 34.

"Badak air itu membuka mulutnya dengan luas dan membiarkan kuda belang itu membersihkan giginya. Terdapat 20 pelawat yang menyaksikan adegan yang menghiburkan itu selama kira-kira 15 minit," katanya.

Berat badak itu ialah tiga tan dan merupakan mamalia ketiga terbesar di dunia. - Agensi

A zebra at Zurich Zoo appeared to be staring into the jaws of death when visitors saw it nose to nose with an open-mouthed hippopotamus.

But the hippo had no intention of having the zebra for lunch - it was having its teeth cleaned.

The extraordinary sight was captured by photographer Jill Sonsteby, from Jacksonville, Florida.

She said the teeth-cleaning session lasted 15 minutes and the zebra came to no harm.

"The zebra was in the same enclosure as the hippo and its baby," said Ms Sonsteby, 34.

"The hippo opened its mouth and let the zebra in there to clean.

"Everybody was snapping pictures. It was so great to be there at that moment."


The hippopotamus is regarded as one of the most aggressive creatures in the world and has a bite that can cut a small boat in half.

Hippos can weigh up to three tonnes and are the third largest land mammal in the world.

Although they rarely kill each other, hundreds of fatal attacks on people in Africa have been recorded.

Despite its bulky frame, the hippo can outrun a human on land over short distances.

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