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Friday, March 12, 2010

Memory Improve Professional | 3.99 MB

Memory Improve Professional | 3.99 MB

Memory Improve Professional - this is one of the useful tools, which in an informative manner, through the device shows the current state of memory consumption and can automatically or manually perform defragmentation and free for you to resources in the form of additional memory. This generally improves system performance, reduce the time it is loaded and enhance its performance.

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Windows allows the use of multiple programs running simultaneously. It's not bad for the user when multiple tools running in the background and have him various useful services. But running both processes strongly fragment memory, which leads to pandemonium program elements and, consequently, very slow, or even lead to its "hang".


• Enhance your PC's performance by safely freeing memory
• Free up memory manually or automatically
• Reclaim memory in minutes
• Defrag memory manually or automatically
• Performs intelligent monitoring / analysis of system running
• Monitor all processes running on your PC

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