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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sexy Beach 3 Full -Games (18SX)

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System Requirement

Minimum specs:
Operating System - Windows 2000/XP
Direct X - 9.0 or later
CPU - Pentium 4 1.4GHZ
RAM - 256MB
HDD Space - 4GB
Graphics - DX9 or above 32MB card
Sound - DX8 compatible sound device
DVD-Drive - 6x DVD-ROM speed
Input devices - Mouse and Keyboard

Reccomended specs:
Operating System - Windows XP
Direct X - 9 or Above
CPU - P4 2.4 GHZ or above
RAM - 512MB
HDD Space - 6GB
Graphics - 128MB DX9 card with Shader model 2.0
Sound - Dx8 compatible sound device
DVD-Drive - 6x or above DVD-ROM read speed
Input - Wheelmouse and Keyboard

Sexy beach 3 is an open ended simulation game. You start at the Illusion Hotel Resort. In the hotel you are able to make a day pass, make a time of day pass or save your game. Once you are out of the hotel, you are able to date five female characters. On the left hand corner of the screen the game tracks the days you were on the island and the time of day it currently is.

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