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Friday, March 12, 2010

Speedboat Attack |PC| 12,65MB

Speedboat Attack |PC| 12,65MB

This is not a game, but a fairy tale! Gulls in the sky, turquoise sea, palm trees, blue sky ...
At least for this SpeedBoat Attack can love. Games, where the quality of more than drawbacks, very little, and this original race can safely make their list. Of course, this is not bloody Carmageddon, but here the adrenaline enough. Succeeding have already become accustomed to the boats for racing cars, you're whistling sweep of incredible and original routes for cheerful cries commentator.

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Genre: Simulator
Developer: Telstar
Publisher: Criterion Studios
Platform: PC

System requirements:
P 100 Mhz
16 Mb Ram
2 Mb video card
Win 95/98/2000/xp/Vista


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