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Saturday, February 27, 2010


ni kalau korang nak cantikkan korang nyer dekstop.
Aston2  #32

Gladiators Software released long-awaited shell-replacement for the desktop Windows - Aston2. It makes your desktop even more convenient, beautiful and flexible. Many Windows users find the standard desktop dull and lagging behind in terms of optimization. Aston2 brings his innovative vision of what should be the desktop.

Aston2  #32

Aston2 product makes a unique ability to customize any of the elements of the shell to your liking. You can freely choose from a variety of topics and focus on that which you most enjoy. If you want to check their own design capabilities, you can use the wizard to create for the realization of their fantasies and creative solutions. Everything is very clear. Each element of the theme: menu, desktop, panel - can be changed. So You create the most comfortable working environment.

Widgets further extend the concept of practicality, convenience and ease of use. You want to know the weather forecast, the amount of available system resources, time, or something else - no problem! Widgets elegantly complement the beauty and functionality of start menu and panels. You have full control over what and how to appear in every element of Aston2. This is one of the most stable and robust shells, incredible ease of setup and use of which will not remain unnoticed by even the novice user!

Go to Aston2 easily, as it includes only elements familiar to you, besides Aston2 makes them more effective. Integrated search enables you faster and more convenient to find files on local drives on the computer and the Internet. Efficiency and convenience - it is only one aspect of this powerful program. Aston2 - an excellent product in all plans, starting with the supported operating systems (Windows 7/XP/Vista 32 and 64-bit), support many languages, etc.
Animation can be applied to virtually any part of the shell or widget, leading to stunning results. Aston2 - the embodiment of beauty, style, comfort and efficiency, this desktop a new generation.

Main characteristics of Aston2:

# Flexible settings, the possibility of creating science fiction to
# Support for animated skins
# Support for living wallpaper
# Support for 3D objects in the skins
# Support for widgets (clock, weather forecast, power management, the amount of available system resources, etc.)
# Easily add and delete widgets and panels
# Support for themes and the simplicity of their application
# Easy to program settings, even for beginners
# Supports multiple languages
# Support for systems with multiple monitors
# The presence of color labels for the icons on the desktop
# Support for icons effects
# Quick search on local drives and the Internet
# Indicator of the tasks in the taskbar
# Audio support
# Configure the Start menu items
# And also much more ... Simply install Aston2 and see for yourself!

Top 5 Reasons to switch to Aston

1. Easy setup.
Create your own desktop - let it looks and works the way you want. This is the main idea that underlies Aston2. Set the keyboard shortcuts, customize a desktop item, select plug-ins and be always aware of what is happening on your Windows desktop. It's not magic, it's very easy! Even if you are not an experienced designer or programmer, you fully able to create own desktop the way you imagine it, and not someone else
2. Beautiful appearance.
Aston2 looks fine in the form in which you get it, and if you want more, you can download free theme from the "Themes". You can change the look of your desktop and choose the best for your style or model tools for the convenience of your work at the computer, only a few times by clicking the mouse.
3. Reliability.
After a thorough check on the huge amount of variety of computers, Aston2 has established itself as one of the most stable program of this kind. In terms of stability, he surpassed the competitors and even the native Work Desk Windows.
4. Power.
Whether you have installed Windows XP or Windows Vista - Aston2 should work fine with any system, and you, in turn, receive additional launcher widget and many other useful components that enable you to effectively monitor the system.
5. Ease of use.
We took into account the experience with the first version of Aston and the program tried to meet all your expectations.
When you purchase Aston2 user might be pleasantly surprised to find that most of its wishes regarding such a program is already embodied in life, and he does not need to re-configure and customize everything to fit their needs.