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Sunday, February 28, 2010

MAXON Cinema 4D R11.027 Portable

Wow 4D ..Best ni.
MAXON Cinema 4D R11.027 Portable
MAXON Cinema 4D R11.027 Portable | 1.08 GB
MAXON CINEMA 4D - a new a unique medium of computer animation. Even before entering the architectural market German CINEMA 4D package caused a lot of noise in 3D. The reason for that were unprecedented power and complexity of the package, intuitive use and unmatched performance that is based on two advanced baseline technologies. Processor shadows CINEMA 4D calculates shadows of objects on Gouraud (bezrebernaya surface model with realistic calculations of light), even for complex scenes in real time at very low loading the computer's memory. Liven up your architectural object! Street scenes, opening windows, movable walls, etc

* The program had returned non-linear animation! It supports animated segments, Motion Clips, and Animation Pivots.
* Ghosting, animations neighboring frames.
* Render speed doubled!
* Support format Collada.
* License Server, which will be especially interesting for users with a large number of licenses. Large companies, educational institutions.
* Projection Man - a tool to create Matte Paintings.
* Servesny contract - to receive software updates to the subscription.
* Doodle - make your notes directly in the viewport!
* Support for MacOS "Leopard" 64-Bit.
* Support for Space Navigator for the Macintosh.
* Online-Updater - CINEMA 4D itself communicates with the server and checks for program updates and its components. Update for jobs without the Internet, of course, still exists.
* A revised system for creating User Data.
* New manager Render Settings.
* Improved visualization capabilities of glass.
* Ability to create new channels in the material.
* Such "trifles" as a parameter in the Seed noise shaders and objects in its use, the new shader Pixelate, Improved OpenGL, advanced baking animation, simplified navigation in the help system.
* And much, much more ...

System requirements:
• Windows XP (32/64-bit) or Vista (32/64-bit)
• A minimum of 1024 MB RAM
• An AMD or Intel processor with SSE2 support
• An OpenGL-capable graphics card
• A screen (monitor) resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels with a minimum of 24-bit color depth.
• At least 1GB free hard drive space (not including installed help iles)

Extras. Information:
Complete portable version. The library is present. Updates without problems

1 Start CINEMA 4D.exe
2 left in the window fill the field (from the lamp)
3 Run keygen.exe
4 Press the button Make - generate key
5 In the first box, press the button Paste Serial Number from Clipboard
Installation Reference:
run the program: Help - Manual Installation further points help - files - wickie.css

OS: XP, Vista
Language: English, Russian

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