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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Samurai Warriors: State of War (2006/ENG/PSP)

HAaaaa...sapa ada PSP mari la join game ni..ehehe..

Samurai Warriors: State of War (2006/ENG/PSP)

Samurai Warriors: State of War (2006/ENG/PSP)
PSP Game | ISO | KOEI | 312 Mb

Samurai Warriors: State of War - is a tactical action games with the famous samurai in Japan. The game take place in the turbulent times of civil war in Japan. Players will control the famous military commanders and other legendary characters, participating in a large number of battles, the unfolding tragedy of war. Players have all of your favorite features - from fun "cutting the" its way through the ranks of opponents to the dramatic scenes, which will be pronounced in the battles. Added some new, specific elements for the PSP.
In Samurai Warriors: State of War you will participate in the war's most famous samurai in Japan, for the unification of their country. Way of the Samurai will take you to the sacred Japanese fields of battle Okehazama and Koanakadzhima, the embattled walls of Osaka Castle.

Date: 2006
Genre: Fighting-Action/Poedinki-Ekshn
Developer: Omega Force
Publisher: KOEI
Publication Type: Full / Complete
Language: ENG / english
The game on Wi-Fi: Yes (up to 2 players)
Firmware: 5.00 M33-6

Game features:
- Ability to choose one of 4 characters, where each has its own character and variety of weapons
- Players invited to more than 90 missions, repetitive levels (each level varies with each load)
- Improved intelligence opponents
- Ability to change the nature of the samurai, different skill possession
- Available network mode for 2-person through Wi-Fi.

Samurai Warriors: State of War (2006/ENG/PSP) hanya untuk psp jer ok.